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ExPlus Co., Ltd.
Taoyuan City
3F, No.534, sec.1, Minsheng N. Road, Guishan Township, Taoyuan County 333, Taiwan
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Jason Hsu
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Established in 1997, ExPlus Co., Ltd. a Taiwan based company has gained a well-known reputation for our professionalism in the fields of Printed Circuit Boards & Electronics Manufacturing Services. The company grew and expanded through two successful core business activities (supplying PCB and PCB assembly services) that concentrate on providing the total solution to customers’ circuit needs.

ExPlus provides PCB and assembly services to a wide range of companies in the Computer, Industrial, RF products, Automotive, Securities, Telecommunications and other electronics equipment markets. As a full service turnkey supplier of custom electronics, ExPlus can provide support from design and prototyping to new product introduction and full rate production. The main idea of running this business is to locate any potential customers around the world and extensively supplying them with good quality PCBs and related assembly services

Through long term planned investment 2006, ExPlus established a Sales office under the name of “Depot Co., Ltd” in Huizhou city,Guan Dong province, China mainly to increase the level of business fulfilling ExPlus customers worldwide. Within a short period of time the company has enjoyed a steady growth thus increasing addition Sales location in China. In 2009, ExPlus established another new Sales office under the name of “Triplus Co., Ltd” in Kunshan city Jiangsu province, China to provide support to all customers through out China region.

As our customer requirements are constantly changing and increasing ExPlus is committed to a continuous improvement in manufacturing process, machinery and technologies available. ExPlus has production lines of Flex and rigid Flex in China and PCB and assembling lines in both Taiwan and China simultaneously. To stay more competitive ExPlus is your 1 stop solution in PCB Fabrication, component procurement, assembly and turnkey jobs or choose any one of the options that suits your demands.

"ExPlus mainly supplies products and services to:
- Printed circuit board manufacturing
- Single and Double Sided PCB
- Multi-Layer PCB (up to 20 layers)
- Flexible and Rigid-Flex PCB (up to 8 layers)
- DIP/SMT Assembly and Turnkey Job
- Component procurement