Dongguan Yetu Hardware Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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Dongguan Yetu Hardware Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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Main Products:
cooling fan,cooling blower,heat sink,cooler,heat pipe
Year Established:
Yetu was established in 2002 with the mission of saving thermal raw materials used for heat dissipating each watt, as well as contributing to energy conservation and environment protection. For the manufacturing capacity and the cost control ability, we have already executed the vertical integration deeply, including research for heat transfer science, thermal simulation analysis, and precision fabrication of DC fan, heat pipe thermal module, and metallic parts.

Yetu started from a company focusing on the design and manufacturing of axial DC fan & blower, and now our product line covers desktop cooling solutions especially VGA cooler, notebook thermal modules, server cooling solutions, as well as industrial application heat sink, i.e., telecom application, medical equipment, LED lighting, automobile, defense & aerospace industry and so on.

From the beginning of business development, Yetu has endeavored in most of our time and effort on VGA cooling technology, and built up a wonderful reputation in VGA industry. In this case we established a long-term business partnership with NVIDIA and PC Partner. Based on our fast customer services, reasonable prices and strict quality control system, Yetu passed the audit of Foxconn, Flextronics and other worldwide leaders in EMS industry.

All Yetu products are compliant with RoHS directive, and DC fans are certified with CE, TUV, UL, cUL certification. Yetu has been qualified by ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 2006.

Yetu means that we have provided innovative thermal solutions based on the philosophy of Ecology, Conservation, Optimization. We will execute this point all the way, and please be well noted that Yetu will be your reliable partner of thermal solutions.