Beewar Biotech (Shanghai) Ltd.

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Beewar Biotech (Shanghai) Ltd.
Contact Person:
Mr. Leo Gu
11A/B2, No.628 Zhangyang Rd
Zip Code:
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Business Type
Trading Company
Main Products:
Bee Honey,Manuka,Organic Honey,Royal Jelly,Pollen
Year Established:
WeWe biotechnology Limited based on China,is headquartered in modernized international metropolis---Shanghai where is one of the most developmental areas of organic intermediates in Asia..Armed with advanced techniques orientated,combined R&D,industrial production and trading into its operations,Richest Group is a large global chemical manufacturer,supplier and exporter.Presently,we are mainly serving fields of food additives and Honey, and providing high quality,high-efficiency,convenient,fast and stable services to customers.we have been building good business relationship with many famous big companies from countries in world such as:USA,Germany,United kingdom, Korea, Japan, India, Chile, New Zealand, Malaysia etc.

For over years, wewe corporation's employees have adhered to the enterprise culture and spirit of "honesty, cooperation, learning and working meticulously, innovatively and excellently". They are committed to performing their social responsibility of a SOE while creating huge economic benefits. The whole Company is endeavoring to adhere to its concept of contributing to the society and creating a harmonious society with a view to establish its responsible image.

Wewe corporation will determinedly step forward to its targets in a steadfast effort to provide the world with healthy, safe and environment-friendly chemicals, and efficient value-added service of high quality, being a well-deemed Company to clients' satisfaction, directors' trust and staff's love.