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United Arab Emirates
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Diesel Additive,Premium Multi purpose Grease,Premium Lubricants,Petrol additive,aerosol lubricants
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iXL Oil is recognized as The Gold Standard within the heavy industry. Our proven technological innovation and advancements out perform and out protect. iXL Technologies produces the highest quality lubricants and provide the ultimate protection and performance.
iXL Oil manufactures the gold standard of fuel treatments, industrial greases, aerosol lubricants, and powerful engine & speciality treatments. Our standard of quality and performance is unmatched due to our proprietary trade secrets that set our products apart from all other lubricant lines. iXL Oil is unrivaled in the heavy industry for stopping EGR & SCR regen, dramatically extending DPF life, lowering operating temperatures, withstanding extreme pressure, improving emissions, and dramatically extending parts life of the worlds most valuable and advanced machines.
In 2015 iXL was granted permission to manufacture, market and further develop the iXL brand in the United States. Since that time, iXL launched a new product line to great success and is actively developing new and better solutions.
iXL Products are heavy industry's #1 choice for Diesel Fuel Treatments that solve severe regen issues in aftertreatment systems, and Premium Greases that can stand up to heat and pressure like specialty greases without being corrosive. OEMs and Owner Operators alike love the iXL Treatments for reducing downtime and extending part life.
The only diesel treatment with iXL Technology designed to extend regen intervals, cure low sulfer diesel issues, extend DPF life, and eliminate issues caused by EGR & SCR systems. Super Concentrated and highly potent, the Regen Fix formulation enhances, purifies, and protects your diesel engine. Proven in the harshest environments, from the scorching oil fields of Texas to the freezing stretches of Alaska.
iXL REGEN FIX is the only diesel treatment with iXL trade secret designed to fix regeneration problems at the point of combustion, in trucks with EGR & SCR systems.
REGEN FIX allows fuel to burn more efficiently to significantly reduce the byproducts of recirculated exhaust (soot, particulate matter, etc) that build up on DPF filters. Our special dieselREGEN FIX converts more fuel into energy, recovers lost fuel economy, reduces emissions, lowers DEF consumption, takes the strain off of EGR & SCR emissions systems and extends the life of injectors, sensors, valves and filters.
iXL Engine Treatment is specifically designed to protect engines in heavy diesel applications. One bottle treats all commercial big rig motors up to 650 horsepower. iXL Engine Treatment is formulated with iXL Technology to reduce heat and wear in engines under heavy loads, when pulling uphill ,or running at high RPMs. It also eliminates the damaging effects of cold starts, increases your truck's efficiency and dramatically extends the life of your bearings.
iXL Premium Greases are the only multipurpose greases to meet or exceed ASTM operating specs normally found in single-use speciality greases, and contain no heavy metals, zinc, molybdenum, or 313 toxins.
iXL grease has a true dropping point that surpasses high heat greases, without added tackifiers. Its EP rating exceeds other EP greases without being corrosive. It has one of the highest water washout ratings for a multi-purpose grease, while having no added glues and will not seperate due to heat or pressure. Both NLGI 1 & 2 Grease are available.
Extreme Heat, A true dropping point of +570F without adding glues. (ASTM D2265)
Extreme Pressure, 800 kgf 4 Ball weld test, without heavy metals like zinc or molybdenum. (ASTM D-2596)
Water Resistance, Marine grade water washout rating, < 2.75%. (ASTM D-1264)
Non-Corrosive, 1A rated, highest possible copper strip rating. (ASTM D-4048)
Long Lasting, Proprietary formulation prevents grease sloughing.
Environmentally Friendly, Outstanding protection without heavy metals or 313 toxins found in other greases.
Bulk quantities available for supply.