Glockemann Water Pumps Pty Ltd

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Glockemann Water Pumps Pty Ltd
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Mr. Roy Bird
30 Herberton  Street
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Main Products:
Water powered water pump
Year Established:
Glockemann Water Pumps is an Australian business that produces and markets the renowned Glockemann 320 water pump from its base in Mareeba, North Queensland, near Cairns.
The water powered pressure pump is a sophisticated hydraulic pump that operates using advanced RAM technology to pump water from a stream with a small drop.
It is powered solely by in-flowing water, with no need for external electricity or fuel. This makes it ideal for rural and remote area use, and highly cost-effective.
The powerful pump can send water up to 200 metres uphill, and several kilometres across land, and deliver up to 30,000 litres a day.
Made from quality cast iron and stainless steel, it is long-wearing and requires only minimal annual maintenance and part replacement.
Pumps are assembled to meet the site specification and daily water requirements of the individual customer. Two or more pumps can be linked for greater volumes.
We provide advice and support for set-up and maintenance, and a ten year warranty.
The pump is being used around the world, and we are seeking distributors, dealers and agents to grown our markets.