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Mr. Syed Ansar
Purobi section 7,Akram tower
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Main Products:
Ladies Dress,High Fashion,Evening Dress,Women Dress,Midi Dress
Year Established:
SAU FASHION LTD IS 100% Western Base Ladies Fast fashion Garments Manufacturer And Supplier located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our company is fronted by our Director Engr Syed Ansar ullah who is successfully working textile sector as well as Garments sector last 8 years, who have been keen operating in fashion garments manufacturing for over four years.

in our Factory opening in April 2014 we have rapidly expanded to four production lines and currently employ over 250+ staff And worker in Bangladesh . we focus predominantly on the design and production of women's wear, we have the capability and experience in producing a wide variety of Garments - you name it, we can make it!

Being based in Bangladesh also means you can take advantage of the exporting to your country "duty-free". This means that if you are in the EU or UK you can save up to 15% on import fees compared to an equivalent consignment from China or India.

Our Mission

As a Young Entrepreneur company we pride ourselves on our customer eccentric business model. That means, we your needs and requirements first, before our own. We are not interested in 'milking' the maximum amount of profit from you and your business on your first order (like many other less scrupulous suppliers will try to). Instead, we aim to create a prosperous relationship of mutual reliance and understanding.

Our mission is:

To create superior quality garments that wow your customers and keep them coming back for more.

To produce garments at competitive prices so as to secure your profit margin and allow your company to grow.

To keep honest and transparent communications with you and your business at all time. No sorry excuses or false promises!

To foster an on-going relationship between your business and ours. We want you to enjoy working with us to the point that we are a one-stop shop for all your garment manufacturing requirements.

To work quickly and efficiently, bringing your products to market in the quickest possible time and allowing you to get ahead of your competitors!

To make you feel comfortable that you are sourcing from a supplier who follows fair-trade principles.

To minimize the cost of our additional services (such as imports) so that you can benefit fairly and profitably from our years of experience.

Equal Rights and Fair Trade
We currently employ over 250+ staff with a male to female ratio of 1:1 at both management and production level. Our workforce is aged from 17-55 with a wide variety of local ethnicities and cultures represented. We recruit and promote on the basis of merit and capability alone and avoid following cultural or stigmatic norms.

Our workers are reliable and without their hard work and dedication we certainly wouldn't be where we are today.

Our promise to them is to provide; fair wages that are paid-on time every month, reasonable working hours, paid holidays, sick pay, holiday & long-service bonuses, a safe and clean working environment and a non-discriminatory workplace regardless of gender, race, religion or social status. We are continuously looking for ways to improve conditions for our staff, ensuring that we are both a compassionate and fair employer. We have an open door policy among our management and regularly hold meetings where the factory workers are able to raise any issues with management and make new suggestions as to what ideas they would like to see implemented next.

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