Haiyan Gelvo Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd.

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Haiyan Gelvo Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd.
Contact Person:
Mr. Hsiaotung Chao
North Baichi Road Haiyan County,Zhejiang Province,China
Zip Code:
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Business Type
Manufacturer, Trading Company
Main Products:
RF Connector,Passive Devices,Antenna,Coaxial Cable,Telecom Accessories
Year Established:
GELVO TELECOM is a professional manufacturer & system integrator of telecom product and engineering accessories in China,as a high-tech corporate that mainly manufactures RF cable,RF connector,microwave and antenna product.The GELVO TELECOM applies itself into the rapid improvement of China's telecom business,and makes great efforts in promoting national industry brand in order to offer qualified and creative products for the clients.
The GELVO TELECOM owns more than ten senior experts and technicians who are in research of latest telecom technology and major in developing suitable new products.It also has extensive and deep cooperation and communication with other scientific & research organizations like Nanjing Post & Telecommunications College.Both of them have established a cooperative mechanism in product development and technical research.
Rely on these personnel and mechanism,the GELVO TELECOM constantly develops new products and raises the technology content of them.Among thousands of products that the GELVO TELECOM owns now, more than ten of them are high-tech products in Jiangsu Province and ever in state,and they have been listed into the "Torch Project" of the province and state.GELVO TELECOM's clients are throughout the world,including some world famous high-tech corporate.Products with the label of GELVO TELECOM have been applied to the telecom projects all around the country and even the world.Its reliable connection,predominant function and first-class quality have made the clients obtain higher profits.
In order to ensure product quality,we have combined with our highly qualified employees, advanced production lines, sophistied testing equipment and nationwide service network, we have achieved dominance in the abroad market.