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Contact Person:
Jeff Kim
South Korea
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Main Products:
Exprimer,FLAATZ 560,CUVIC 56,FDXD,RoseM
Year Established:
DRTECH, established in 2000 is one of the leading global providers of high quality flat-panel x-ray detectors and related solutions for digital radiography. Headquartered in Korea, our research and manufacturing facilities enable us to develop innovative and unique, state of the art digital x-ray solutions that are opening new chapters in digital x-ray diagnosis and patient care. As a tech driven company, our goal is to become one of the big five global providers of digital x-ray solutions and to provide our customers with the most advanced top quality radiographic imaging solutions.

Already, 8,000 sites over 60 countries have chosen DRTECH as their partners in providing their x-ray diagnostic services.
Our dedication and passion for innovation has enabled us to develope technologies including proprietary TFT (Thin-Film Transistor) array, novel Selenium coating, low noise high precision electronics, and image processing software. These technological capabilities allow us to develop and manufacture both Direct [FDXD & FLAATZ] and Indirect type [Exprimer] detectors as well as RoseM the world's first cassette type mammography upgrade solution.

DRTECH employees are committed to sharing our corporate values of passion, integrity and ingenuity with our customers. To become the most beloved company in the medical market, we will grow by our customers, with our customers and for our customers.