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1-25 Higashi-kakazumemachi,
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Mr. Takuma Izumi
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Business Type:Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler
Year Established:1969
Total Revenue :Below US$1 Million Above
Company Name:KAIHO SANGYO CO.,LTD, Business Type: Trading Company,Distributor,Wholesaler, Product: Japanese Art,Used car,chair,TOYOTA USED ENGINE,NISSAN USED ENGINE,HONDA USED ENGINE,MAZDA USED ENGINE,SUBARU USED ENGINE,SUZUKI USED ENGINE,AUTO PARTS,BODY PARTS,CAR INTERIOR,USED ENGINE,GENERATOR, Telephone: 81-76-2375133, Fax: Street Address: 1-25 Higashi-kakazumemachi, Kanazawa-shi, Isikawa Japan
Our primary business is the sale of used automotive parts. We have been in business with 71 countries for 44 years since the institution's formation. A big feature of ours is "JRS" (Japan Reuse Standard). What is "JRS" ? Why was "JRS" born? and Why are "Used car parts made in Japan" high quality?

Most of all, used engines are our main products.
and all engines dismantled in our company have a JRS tag.
Our joint company called "KAIHO TAHILAND" has embraced JRS and we received favorable feedback from customers.

Now, let us answer a few questions about JRS.

What is "JRS (Japan Reuse Standard)"?

Answer 1
JRS is a standardization and proper labeling for used engine.
We display the quality of each engine so that our customer can feel confidence of the quality to buy from JRS. All engines dismantled in our company have a JRS tag, which indicate the quality measured with by the following 6 points
1. compression
2. Mileage
3. Run
4. External
5. Over heat
6. Internal.
We have started the full-scale operation since last year and also established the inspection company of JRS at the end of last year.

Question 2
Why was "JRS" born?

When our president, Mr.Norihiko Kondo visited Kenya, a government official mentioned import regulations.
They told us that used automotive parts look like garbage in the container.
Our products are high quality and checked before loading the container. We were disappointed to hear that but also realized that we did not have any certification for quality.
This is the reason why JRS was born.

Question 3
Why are "Used car parts made in Japan" high quality?

There are 5 reasons.
1. Small country (less mileage run compared with other countries)
2. Provision of infrastructure (road conditions are better than other countries)
3. The system of rigorous automobile inspection (all cars must have rigorous inspection periodically in Japan)
4. Nationality (national character treat to take care of what people have.)
5. High turnover rate of car sales caused by competition with 12 car makers (only 3 car makers in the United States)

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