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Pangyo Technovalley B-4th F1.631 Sampyeong-Dong,
South Korea
Bundang-Gu Sungnam-Si
Contact Person:
Ms. chahoo sale
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Business Type:Manufacturer, Trading Company
Location:Gyeonggi-do,South Korea
Year Established:2008
Total Revenue :Above US$100 Million Above
Company Name:CHAHOO,.LTD, Business Type: Manufacturer,Trading Company, Product: Machine,SmartPhone Acce,IT Device, Telephone: 82-31-6960499, Fax: 82-31-6960430 Street Address: Pangyo Technovalley B-4th F1.631 Sampyeong-Dong, Bundang-Gu Sungnam-Si Gyeonggi-do South Korea
With the image inherited from MiraiHuson(Ltd), we have a big goal in us to thrive for the better future with a goodness in heart and to dominate the IT industry.
After we have been founded, our company has done everything it can do to meet the needs of the consumers in pipe materials.

Our company produces superb water pipeline, electricity pipeline, constructional pipeline and different pipelines;
with the goal of Better environment for our descendants in our minds, our members gathered as one we make each and every product with dedication.
Therefore our company carried on researching for eco-friendly materials;
with the new material we have developed a new pipe which is functional and economically feasible.
With the current poor pipeline conditions of Korea, we would like to make a pipeline standard with our high-quality semi-permanent products.
Shock-resident PVC is bringing a dramatic change in Korea's pipeline
our company's new grand investment is on the constructional pipelines (DB 45 triple sound insulation system)
and we believe it will make efficient and groundbreaking constructional conditions soon.
Plus, away from the pipeline business we have tried and are trying to advance on to different businesses by researching and planning.

We have advanced to new businesses including systematic solution for pipelines using smartphones, ESCO energy reduction system,
disaster management system and smartphone applications.
To have more variety in our business we have changed the name of our business to Chahoo,
a Company that benefits the future, our company will try our best to search and to research for a business that has a great future.

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