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Company Name:Aisaaus International
Year Established: 2001
Business Type:Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler
Main Products:Rubber Raw Materials,BITUMEN,Aromatic Type Rubber Process & Extender Oils,Paraffinic Type Process Oils,White Petroleum Jelly
Operational Address:Kot Abdul Maalik, Lahore, Pakistan
Number of Employees:11 - 50 People
No. of R&D Staff: Less than 5 People
No. of QC Staff: 5 - 10 People
Office Size:101 - 500 square meters
Management Certification: ISO 9001:2000
Company Name:Aisaaus International, Business Type: Manufacturer,Distributor,Wholesaler, Product: Rubber Raw Materials,BITUMEN,Aromatic Type Rubber Process,Extender Oils,Paraffinic Type Process Oils,White Petroleum Jelly, Telephone: 92-321-4889741, Fax: Street Address: Lahore Lahore Pakistan

Aisaaus International besides running rubber compounds and articles manufacturing plants, invests, trades and markets a wide range of Petrochemical Raw Materials to the Tyre and Rubber Goods Manufacturers, Paint and Ink Producers and various Plastic Goods manufacturers. Having decades of manufacturing experience we are at a privileged position. We have hands-on experience of raw materials like Natural & Synthetic Rubbers, Carbon Blacks, Processing Aids from various origins and of many variations in technical parameters.
We fully comprehend the requirements of different industries. No two producers are the same, since it takes time and effort to be able to meet all the requirements of a single customer, we consider ourselves as Partners With Our Customers in their endeavours to achieve excellence while being economically viable. Economics is the back-bone of every new product or project, a producer conceives of venturing into; and this makes the situation complex. Maintaining quality at economically feasible costs is a very high goal to achieve; and to meet this challenge, we have arrangements of our own storages at different locations for different products. Moreover, we take special measures to keep every member of our team up to date about the prevailing prices in different regions. This is important to understand as the economic conditions existing in a particular region may not be the same as in other parts of the world. Excessive or low Inventory Levels, with a specific producer of petrochemicals, are the key factors in pricing.
We have diversified our suppliers to include almost all the major producers of Synthetic Rubbers and Rubber processing aids, whereas for other petrochemicals we have assured our presence at Petrochemical Hubs like Middle East, China and India. Our engineering team has expertise and confidence to gear us into the new millennium having training and experience of most modern equipments like Banbury Mixers, Kneaders, Extrusion Lines, Moulding Presses and Injection Moulding Machines for the Rubber and Plastic Industries and Homogenizers, Mixers, Agitators, and Reaction Vessels for Paint and allied industries. From the beginning of Aisaaus Internationalwith only three people, we have considered our human resources as the core of our activities. We are a family where every member is responsible for the dynamic growth through committed service to our clients and suppliers alike. We create firm bonds with our suppliers and customers in an environment where individual energies unleash unhindered and synergize to the direct advantage of all stake holders in play with us.
Being truly multicultural, we are surely careful of the overall environment and norms of the country we operate in. We strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the community. It is very easy to conceive of sustainable growth and talk about it. However, to achieve this goal is another story. We believe that we are sowing the seeds for our coming generations. Unless we are caring of the natural resources, we would be thinking in short terms. We follow the rules of Environmental Protection Agencies and we empower the local communities by facilitating education, providing them with health care facilities; and most of all, by sharing our successes. This is what, we trust, provides a sustainable growth!