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Zara Halal Meat Exports NZ Ltd
Mobile Phone:
15 Lomas Way
New Zealand
Contact Person:
Mr. Zainol Harun
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Company Name:Zara Halal Meat Exports NZ Ltd
Business Type:Trading Company, Agent, Other
Main Products:NZ Halal beef,NZ Halal lamb,NZ Halal goat,NZ Halal mutton,NZ Halal veal
Other Products/Services:NZ Manuka honey,NZ greenlipped mussels,Manuka Honey 5+,Manuka Honey 10+,Manuka Honey 15+,NZ Salmon
Operational Address:15 Lomas Way, Auckland, New Zealand
Company Name:Zara Halal Meat Exports NZ Ltd, Business Type: Trading Company,Agent,Other, Product: NZ Halal beef,NZ Halal lamb,NZ Halal goat,NZ Halal mutton,NZ Halal veal, Telephone: 64-9-4147718, Fax: 64-9-4147718 Street Address: 15 Lomas Way Albany Auckland New Zealand

Dear Sir/Madam,
Zara Halal Meat Exports New Zealand Limited, 100% owned by Auckland based Malaysian Muslims, is registered with the New Zealand Ministry of Primary Industries and New Zealand Meat Board as an exporter. We specialize in the exports of Halal beef, lamb, goat meat, mutton, veal, venison (from farmed deer), lobsters, scallops, green lipped mussels and Manuka Honey to Asia and the MENA countries.

We guarantee that our meat comes from Halal programme that starts from births and grazing at the farms to abattoirs, slaughtering, processing, packaging, storing and finally shipping to you.

New Zealand cattle, goats, lambs, sheep and deer are naturally raised on green pastures and clean environment. Green lipped mussels, lobsters and scallops are harvested from our pristine nuclear free New Zealand waters and our natural Manuka Honey is well known for its medicinal properties worldwide. None of our products are fed with hormones, supplements or anything unnatural.

We pride ourselves in providing you with the most natural premium quality products as we can and we ensure that the whole supply chain complies with Halal requirements.

If you and your discerning customers are particular and care about the source, authenticity, traceability, food safety, purity, hygiene and the environment you imported from, then we can certainly assist and satisfy your requirements. Contact us to order or for specific or further details you require.